Lessons in Truth

Included is a process that can help change your circumstances. It is a way of changing your beliefs by affirming Biblical Truth. It is not something you just read and magic happens but if you apply it daily you should eventually see results. The following is from the book "Lessons in Truth":

Affirmations build up, and give strength and courage and power...Affirmations should be used by the timid and by those who have a feeling of their own inefficiency; those who stand in fear of other minds; those who "give in" easily; those who are subject to anxiety or doubt, and those who are in positions of responsibility. Persons who are in any way negative or passive need to use affirmations more...

Almost hourly little vexations and fears come up in your life. Meet each one with a denial. Calmly and coolly say within yourself, "That's nothing at all. It cannot harm or disturb me or make me unhappy." Do not fight it vigorously, but let your denial be the denial of any thought of its superiority over you, as you would deny the power of ants on their little hill to disturb you. If you are angry, stand still, and silently deny it. Say that you are not angry; that you are love made manifest, and cannot be angry and the anger will leave you.

There are four affirmations of Truth that cover a multitude of lesser ones, and which do marvelous work in bringing good to ourselves and to others.

First: God is life, love, intelligence, substance, omnipotence (All Power), omniscience (All Knowing), omnipresence (Everywhere).

Second: I am a child or manifestation of God, and every moment His life, love, wisdom, power flow into and through me. I am one with God, and am governed by His law.

No matter how sick or weak or inefficient you seem to be, take your eyes and thoughts right off the seeming, and turn them within to the central fountain there, and say calmly, quietly, but with steadfast assurance: "This appearance of weakness is false; God, manifest as life, wisdom, and power is now flowing into my entire being and out through me to the external." You will see a marvelous change wrought in yourself by the realization that this spoken word will bring to you.

Third: I am Spirit, perfect, holy, harmonious. Nothing can hurt me or make me sick or afraid, for Spirit is God, and God cannot be sick or hurt or afraid. I manifest my real self through this body now.

Fourth: God works in me to will and to do whatsoever He wishes me to do, and He can only succeed.(The original text at the end states "He cannot fail" I recommend altering it to "He can only succeed" I believe there is more power in affirming the positive.)

Deny the appearance of evil; affirm good. Deny weakness; affirm strength. Deny undesirable conditions, and affirm the good you desire. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe [or claim and affirm] that ye have received them, and ye shall have them" (Mk. 11:24). This is what is meant by the promise: "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon [or that you stand squarely or firmly upon], to you have I given it" (Josh. 1:3).

Practice these affirmations silently in the street, in the car, when you are wakeful during the night, anywhere, everywhere, and they will give you a new, and, to you, a strange, mastery over external things and over yourself. If there comes a moment when you are in doubt as to what to do, stand still and affirm, "God in me is infinite wisdom; I know just what to do." "For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to withstand or to gainsay" (Lk. 21:15). Do not get flustered or anxious, but depend fully and trustingly on your principle, and you will be surprised at the sudden inspiration that will come to you as the mode of procedure.

For more info on this type of practice, you can find the entire ebook, "Lessons in Truth" in the Library; www.changeagent101.com/success-library/index

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If you get hung up on the denials from this post, especially the "There is no evil" think of it more as "Evil has no power of me" The main thing is to stop allowing what's listed in the denial phases to influence you. If you haven't checked out the library, just click on link at the bottom of the page or in the top navigation. Best, Ryan
posted 2012-01-13 18:53:43


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