Are you Working with the LAW

Have you read, "Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell? If not, I highly recommend reading this book if you are interested in how to apply Biblical principles that coincide with the Law of Attraction.

I believe this book will shed some light on misconceptions around what has been coined "The Law of Attraction" I remember watching the movie "The Secret" and getting real excited and shared it with others. People I shared the movie with also got very excited, however that excitement soon faded and life remained basically the same as if the movie was never watched. I think one of the misconceptions lie in the thought of the universe is like a genie that we can give our wish list to and with a blink of the eye all our wildest dreams will come true right away. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for and believe in the power of positive thinking but there is a difference between wishful thinking and applying positive thinking into your life.

The difference is in the Applying, wishful thinking typically does not promote change. I believe people that watch the Secret or learn about the law of attraction and do not change and just think wishful thinking will magically bring them everything they desire will end up disappointed.

I believe one must change and grow in order to attract that which they desire. This website, is designed to provide information and soon will add a system that will walk people through a step by step procedure that will help assist the process of change to achieve ones aspirations. If you are not a member, join now and you will be updated as this simple but effective process becomes available. In the meantime, I included the link to the ebook, Working with the Law.


Acquiring Knowledge is the first step and than by Applying Knowledge change occurs and Power becomes available to you.



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