Bracket System for Goal Setting and to Gain Clarity

Utilize the bracket system to gain clarity and/or goal setting. Make Sure you're logged in before you start the bracket system below. To sign up for free, click here.

To Get Started, it's important that you enter the appropriate title for future reference. Example, "My 1 year goals" or "“Definite Major Purpose”

  • List whatever comes to your mind and enter it in the first box.
  • Continue by entering the tab button or by clicking on the next box.
  • Just enter whatever else you think about and do not worry about the order.

If you click enter or the return button you will proceed to the next page. It is recommended that you complete the list of 16 before you continue. If you enter the next page by mistake, click the back button and click on the box to select your previous entry.

If you haven't read the goal setting instructions or get stuck and need some directions, click the following link on how to use the; Bracket System for Goal Setting.

Once you're done with your list, click "Next Step" to proceed through the system.


Bracket Title:


















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