The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

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The Master Key System has been rumored to have had a profound impact on Bill Gates during his college years before he started Microsoft. It was also rumored to have been banned by the Roman Catholic Church when it was first released. However, there is no real proof for either claim and you're free to refute or not to believe what the author conveys. It is believed by many that this work does contain enough wisdom that can strengthen ones faith and help one develope into a better Christian and/or individual by providing step by step instructions on how to fully utilize the mind.

By practicing The Master Key System exercises you will not have to compromise your religious beliefs in order to take advantage of the many benefits this teaching offers. The following pages of this site will help you build your mental abilities and illustrate how to focus and concentrate on what you want in life, instead of being controlled by your fears and worries. It will also help you gain a practical understanding of what is considered the Law of Attraction, which was made popular by the Movie and book The Secret.

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