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Think RIght Now for Windows

Self-Improvement Software
Neuro-Programmer is a next generation mind tool for self-improvement. It combines brainwave entrainment with hypnosis and many other fields to produce the most effective software for self-help available today.

Professional Software
Mind WorkStation
Mind WorkStation is a full-featured brainwave entrainment software package for professionals, offering cutting-edge neural stimulation features and support for biofeedback and neurofeedback devices.

Media Software
Mind Stereo
Mind Stereo is a brain-enhanced media center, specializing in embedding brainwave stimulation into audio playlists, net radio and beautiful visual plugins.

Royalty-Free Soundtracks
Thought Sounds
Thought Sounds is a large collection of soothing, high quality, royalty-free soundtracks designed from the ground up to be used with brainwave entrainment, hypnosis and relaxation.

Meditation Audio Collection
Beyond Being
An exciting audio collection meant to stimulate brainwave patterns which facilitate meditation, personal transformation, altered states and complex mental imagery.

Biofeedback Devices
Biofeedback / EEG Devices
Biofeedback devices measure physiological responses, such as heart rate or brain activity. You can use these devices to optimize the use of our other software products, or the devices can be used alone for research purposes.


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